Mining Software Kooralbyn

Mining Software Kooralbyn

The INTELICS App Network consists ofTrailing Cables

Intelligent software solutions for the mining industry

Helping the mining industry succeed through improved asset management, statutory compliance and contractor management.

If your looking for a company that can provide Mining Software to anywhere in Australia including Kooralbyn you have come to the right place.

Trailing Cable Management System

Since 2015 we have been your single point to track and manage your trailing cables across open cut and underground mine sites and provide unparalleled data to help combat and control cable damage. Understanding trailing cable performance is a crucial step toward maximising reliability and productivity from your cable group. Tailored to suit your mine site

Vendor Reports

Bring sanity and consistency to your condition monitoring experience. Operations with large scale equipment, both in diversity and number, are forced to engage with a seemingly endless number of external vendors, and the reporting process becomes overwhelming and hard to task. VR creates an intuitive environment for all your vendors to upload their reports, and creates accountability with workflow to site supervisors, ensuring the best maintenance outcome possible for your equipment.

Hire Guardian

Provides clients with full visibility of the critical works risks that come with hiring equipment. Through a user friendly interface, intuitive workflows encourage timely provision of evidence from suppliers. Finished with an elegant reporting system delivering confidence to clients that all risks are being managed as agreed.


Buckets provides an immediate reference to supervisors with regards to what exact part is installed on each bucket, dipper, GET & rigging to assist on what part to chase on a breakdown. It shows where everything is, saving you time & money. There’s a safety element too, with large manual handling tasks, Buckets ensure that you only have to do the task once.

Condition Monitoring

Eliminate your machine defects before they become breakdowns by using our superior condition monitoring system. Built with INTELICS reasoning analytics, data modelling and more than 18M reference events, it’s the only tool you need to support your reliability engineers. Designed by Reliability Professionals actually doing the role. Sells at a fraction of the price of insipid competitor software.

UPEE Kiosk

Manage your Uncertified and Certified Portable Electrical Equipment registers, including controlling Check Out and Approval process via a public Kiosk.
Includes workflows for users to get their UPEE approved and on the register on site. Fully complies with QLD Recognised Standard 1. Automates the work flow and digitises the recording process. Manages this serious risk for all underground mines.

EEM Guardian

Trailing Cable Management, Powerline Permits, the Control System Bridging Permits and the upcoming commissioning sheets are all designed to assist the Electrical Engineering Manager to get a handle on the huge risks these tasks present. Ensures your sites compliance to Mining Legislation.

Resource Planner

INTELICS was contacted by a customer to solve a long-suffering issue regarding backfilling shift positions. As workers are entitled to take leave, the previous process of requesting, approving, managing, and finally hoping for the replacement resource was nightmarish. Particularly on short turnarounds, such as unexpected sick leave.

Compliance Registers

While Vendor Reports manages all the 3rd party inspections maintainable assets, there are several critical items on site that are non-maintainable. These don’t appear in the substantive maintenance systems eg SAP. Items such as pressure relief valves, ladders, lifting equipment etc. Yet these critical assets are required to be tracked and inspected regularly in conformance to Australian Standards and Industry Recognised Standards.

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